Pure Motion Dance Company’s Student Teacher Education Program (STEP Team) is a highly distinguished in-studio education program that promotes the love of dance and instructional methods to our students. The team is guided through the dance education process using methods such as in-class training, hands-on practice, instructor mentoring, research-based activities, self-analysis assignments and more. PMDC’s STEP Program provides the necessary STEPping stones for building confident, hardworking, well-informed, and eager dance educators for the future. Pure Motion Dance Company will choose STEP Team Members based on the following qualifications:

  • Attendance
  • Attitude
  • Displaying a natural love and passion for the dance arts
  • Displaying a desire to learn and grow as a dance instructor

There are three levels to the STEP Program:

  • Junior Member
  • Teacher Assistant
  • Apprentice

Being accepted into the STEP Program is a great honour as it means studio management has observed leadership characteristics in the student. This also includes their dedication to dance, attitude, and respect towards faculty, peers, parents, and other dancers. Their willingness to learn and cooperation in class as well as their caring and compassionate nature is also important. Remember, with great honour comes great responsibility.