Recreation Programs


Acro (Ages 3+) Where acrobatics meets gymnastics. Acro combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatics and artistic gymnastics. Used in professional productions such as Cirque du Soleil, students will learn to execute tricks like handstands, […]


Ballet (Ages 1+) Where ballerinas are born. Led by instructors who are trained and certified under the Cecchetti Method, Ballet emphasizes discipline and technique allowing students to develop flexibility, strength, and turnout. Students will also […]


Cheerleading (Ages 3+) Three cheers for you. Pure Motion Dance Company is proud to be Calgary’s first dance studio to offer Cheerleading. Our program integrates dance and Pom taught by professional CFL and NFL cheerleaders. […]


Contemporary (Ages 7+) Get inspired with contemporary. Contemporary classes include improvisation, rhythm, creativity, and technique while developing the dancer’s natural style. This class has the technicality of Ballet but with a broader artistic expression, and can […]

Hip Hop

Hip Hop (Ages 5+) Get your groove on. Focusing on the popular music of today, our Hip Hop classes incorporate various styles like lockin’, poppin’, break dancing, house, and video styling. This is one of the […]


Jazz (Ages 5+) All that Jazz. Our Jazz program is based on the ADAPT syllabus as well as the latest street styles of dance. Instructors teaching Jazz are trained and certified under the Associated Dance […]

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre (Ages 6+) Drama, dance and more. Our Musical Theatre program integrates drama, dance, singing, and improvisation in a fun and creative class. From costumes and characters to props and performances, this is one […]

Stretch & Conditioning

Stretch & Conditioning (Ages 5+) Move, stretch, repeat. This kinesiology-based class teaches students the anatomy of the body and how muscles and bones work together when they move. Fun, educational and an important part of […]


Pointe A class that’s perfectly en pointe. Our Pointe program follows the Cecchetti Method of training, emphasizing discipline and technique to help students develop flexibility, strength, and turn out. Enrollment in Pointe is at the […]


Tap (Ages 3+) Let’s make some noise. Using Tap shoes as a percussive instrument, Tap dancing is a huge part of musical theatre, including Broadway. Our Tap program follows the ADAPT syllabus which emphasizes rhythm, […]