STEP Team Applications due Today!

Reminder that STEP Team applications are due today. Read our previous blog about information about the Team. For application details click here.

Still on the fence about applying? Read Chelsea’s blog which describes her experiences with the team:


As a dancer, I have a number of classes I attend on a regular basis. I’m at the studio almost every day of the week but there are a few special parts of my busy schedule that I always look forward to – the classes I student teach, which are also usually my favorite parts of the week. I love being a student teacher for countless reasons. I love seeing the students light up as soon as they step into the studio and their love for dance amazes me every week. I love being able to be a role model for the younger generation of PMDC dancers and passing my love and knowledge of dance down to them. I love the warm and fuzzy feeling of joy and pride that I get whenever one of my dancers learns something or gets something right. I love being a member of a team where we all grow and learn together as dancers and teachers.

I always want to return to the STEP team each season because I love to experience teaching and guiding other dancers. Being a student teacher is such a great opportunity to learn how to be a good teacher and deepen my understanding of dance as well. I learn so many things that I can use throughout my life of dance and even outside of the studio. Student teaching always gives me a sense of pride that I’ve helped other dancers succeed in their dance life and I love experiencing this feeling year after year.

Being a part of the STEP team is very beneficial for numerous reasons. I learn many things I can use inside and outside of the studio. Working side by side with my dance teachers gives me the opportunity to learn new things from them. For example, I’ve learned things like how to give useful corrections and how to help a dancer make adjustments to improve their technique. I’ve learned how to be patient with younger dancers when they are being silly or not paying attention in class. These things help me inside of the studio and during classes. Student teaching has also helped me improve in my leadership skills and has helped me become a better role model outside of the studio.

I would definitely recommend the STEP team to other dancers because it has helped me grow as a dancer, teacher, and person. Whether they are aspiring teachers or not, the STEP team will help dancers learn even more about dance while going back to the basics, while discovering skills they can use in other aspects of their lives. Dancers will get the opportunity to become role models towards the younger dancers of PMDC who look up to us student teachers. I think all dancers will love the STEP team and everything it has to offer.