Pure Intensity

Over the last decade of providing excellence in dance training, Pure Motion Dance Company’s (PMDC) faculty have had the privilege of seeing the firsthand talent that flourishes when students join our competition team. We believe in dancers’ abilities to grow and learn through our competition program and have created a platform for dancers to achieve their goals and become their own legacy.

PURE INTENSITY is designed to give PMDC students a unique and world-class pre-professional training opportunity right here in Calgary. This program is exclusive to competition team members who want to INTENSIFY their training by taking things to the next level.

Through PURE INTENSITY, dancers are given the opportunity to showcase their talents, participate in elite training opportunities, and receive thoughtful guidance from our established guest faculty. We see the talent and passion in every performance that takes the stage and we recognize all our dancers’ dedication to the dance arts.

As professional dancers, international choreographers, and proud undergraduate degree holders in dance, our team is committed to bringing you the most remarkable, reputable, and rewarding pre-professional training in Calgary. Our instructors are carefully selected every season and every effort is made to secure the team to best achieve your child’s learning objectives.

PURE INTENSITY is a fun, exciting, and challenging program that allows performers and artists to grow and build special memories with unique performance experiences.